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Discovering: ArmAs wines

A chance finding of wines by producer ArmAs stocked by an independent seller in Bath, England.

Welcome! In this post I am going to share my discovery of two wines by ArmAs winery. I came across them, by chance, whilst I was lazily scrolling Instagram. Novel Wines in Bath posted the wines on their instagram feed. I put in an order and they arrived the following day. These wines are also available from other independent suppliers.


Golden Grape Armas was founded by Armenak Aslanian in 2007, after repatriating to his homeland from Glendale, California. The winery is named after his father, Armenak Aslanian Sr. who was the original winemaker in the family. The family legacy continues with his daughter, Victoria Aslanian, now CEO of the company (check out her brilliant Ted-Talk here). The winemaker is Emilio Del Medico.


Located in the Aragatsotn Province, on the 45th parallel, the estate covers 180 hectares of vineyard and orchards. The vines are planted between 700-1,880m above sea level. With altitude and 300 days of sunshine, this provides a long ripening period balanced with cool summer nights.

The Wines

2014, ArmAs Karmrahyut

Type: Red

Grapes: Karmrahyut 100%

Alcohol: 13.5%

Region: Aragatsotn

The indigenous grape, Kamrahyut, means "red juice" and you get a stunning deep garnet wine in the glass. On the nose, you get complex aromas of black cherry, blackberry, red plum, rose petals, tobacco and spices. The aromas transfer to the palate with violet, jasmine and black pepper coming onto the scene. This is a full bodied wine, with firm tannins and medium finish of herbs and vanilla.

Food Pairing

Great with meat dishes such as lamb, beef, meat topped pizza.


This is a wine with so many wonderful flavours. I would buy again and have with friends at a bbq.

2018, ArmAs Voskehat

Type: Dry white

Grape: Voskehat 100%

Alcohol: 13.5%

Region: Aragastsotn

Voskehat is an indigenous grape which means “ The Golden Seed” and you can see in the glass it's beautiful inviting pale golden colour. The aromas are intense with green apples, stone fruit such as apricot, honeysuckle and mountain herbs, such as thyme and rosemary. On the palate it is dry and crisp with lovely flavours of apricots, herbs, spice and minerals. This wine can be drunk with food but keep some aside for the following day, as it is great as an aperitif.

Food Pairing

For food pairing, I would recommend it with a meze, spiced fish or chicken. We had it with homemade tabouleh.


This is an elegant dry wine, with lots of flavours. It is great with food and I will drink this wine in the summer.


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