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In the news: June/July 2021

Articles and news items featuring Armenian wines.

Zorah, Armenia

Read Caroline Gilby MW's piece entered for the 2021 Janis Robinson wine writing competition. This year's theme is old vines.

Decanter Awards 2021

Various Armenian wines win Decanter Awards

One of the Oldest Wine Producing Countries Growing Grapes in Conflict Zones - The Reemergence of Armenia

Article about Armenia’s winemaking history, the recent war and an interview with Vahe Keushguerian

A Guide to Armenia, One of the World’s Oldest Wine Regions

Article about Armenia's winemaking history, grapes, regions and it's current wine industry.

Ancient Amphorae and Island of Vines: Five Alternatives to Western European Wine Vacations

Armenia featured as a wine destination.

Armenian Winery Ages Wine in Mt.Aragatz: Claims it Tastes Better

Interesting report on Maran Winery ageing some of its wines underwater

The following articles are about Syrian-Armenians and their winemaking journey in Armenia

Hagop Kazanjian

Gomidas Merhanian

Liana Mehrabyan

Gohar Gharibyan

Երևանի Գինու Օրեր 2021

News Report on the Yerevan Wine Festival


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